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"Welcome to the i-Stone Group of Companies".

From humble beginning of 11 years ago,
i-Stone was built on the principles of delivering the best solutions to the customers with our subject experts and engineering knowledge, the value remain with us today.

    Throughout this era, the manufacturing industry evolves towards lean manufacturing such as 5S, efficient production control and more automation. We at i-Stone, always embrace these industry changes while providing our customers with the best solutions at right cost. Being an ISO 9001 certified company, our business process and project cycles are managed effectively with quality management system, in turn provide benefits to customers.

     On the technological front, we will actively develop expertise in vision, robotics and automation. We also continuously pursue our core technology development in test and measurement that will support our delivery of machines to customers.

    To achieve unbeatable cost competitiveness in a sustainable way, we will continue to improve our production with good practices and standards. We also improve our industry machining capabilities by purchasing new machine or replacing old machines.

     Going forward, we aim to establish a corporate culture in which every member of the i-Stone Group possesses the spirit of self-help and takes initiative in carefully assessing customer expectations, considering what can be done to meet these expectations, taking appropriate action, and providing values to the customers & stakeholders.

     We ask for your continued attention and support to i-Stone. All of us at i-Stone look forward to working with you.

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