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Tecnomatix FactoryFLOW is aimed at industrial engineers that need to ensure a factory layout is operating efficiently based on material flow distances, frequency and cost. This is achieved by evaluating and analysing things such as part routing information, material storage needs, material handling equipment specification and part packaging information against the factory layout.

Explore the effects indirect labour is having on your manufacturing processes – an often missed opportunity that can be the solution to unexplained high operational costs or an abnormal level of non-value added work performed.

Decrease your manufacturing costs with FactoryFLOW through the creation of efficient factory layouts with reduced travel distances for parts, lot sizes, and inventory levels. In turn this leads to improved communication and throughput.


Major Capabilities

- Flow charts
- Data templates and equations
- Material flow calculations
- Material handling equipment utilisation
- Container packing
- Activity points
- Walk path generation
- Reports



Reduce your material handling costs


Better resource use and material flow


Optimise your material packing for transportation


Improve shop floor storage space use


Siemens PLM Software, now Siemens Digital Industries, is a leading global provider of software solutions to drive the digital transformation of industry, creating new opportunities for manufacturers to realize innovation. i-Stone has officially partnering with Siemens to offer Digital Industries Software to our industrial customer. 

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