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Tecnomatix Process Simulate gives you the ability to see your manufacturing processes in a fully-fledged 3D environment. Not only can you see, but you can also verify how feasible an assembly process is by validating reach distance and collision clearance. Simulate the whole assembly sequence of your product and required tools to identify any potential problems or inefficiencies.

Process Simulate lets you control the 3D data of products and resources in order to virtually validate, optimise, and commission complex manufacturing processes. Every aspect of your manufacturing process can be verified e.g. assembly, human operations, welding, continuous processes such as laser welding and gluing, other robotic processes.

Process Simulate Application

Ensure your assembly process is legitimate. Manufacturing engineers can, through simulating numerous possibilities, conclude on the most efficient assembly sequence. Select the most suitable tool for the job by searching a classified tool library, perform virtual reach tests and collision analysis and simulate all together in the full assembly process.

Identify the safety and consequences of your workstation design upon the individuals that use it. Compare your ergonomic standards to those of the industry requirements using an ergonomics library.

Validate spot welding processes using 3D graphics and a simulation environment, from early planning to detailed engineering stages and offline programming. Distribute weld points to stations catering for geometric and cycle time constraints, and select best weld gun from a classified library to re-use existing guns and tools.

Design and simulate highly complex robotics manufacturing zones. Make synchronising multi-robot zones easier using Process Simulate tools such as cyclic event evaluator and emulated specific robot controller.

Keep current manufacturing and engineering data simple, right from conceptual design down to the shop floor. Process Simulate Commissioning provides a common integration platform for the different areas involved in real commissioning of a production zone/cell (mechanical and electrical).



Reduce risk of production changes late in implementation


Reduce planning time through automatic sequencing and validation tools


Reduce cost of change with early detection and communication of product design issues


Ensure ergonomic safety regulations are met


Siemens PLM Software, now Siemens Digital Industries, is a leading global provider of software solutions to drive the digital transformation of industry, creating new opportunities for manufacturers to realize innovation. i-Stone has officially partnering with Siemens to offer Digital Industries Software to our industrial customer. 

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