Mechanical Engineering
We are expert in enclosure design, structure design and test fixture design services.

Mechanical Design service include :
- To provide measurement consulting in the area of noise and vibration effect for motor and vibrator, fluid dynamic effect in liquid and air flow at different pressure, power efficiency for electrical power and mechanical efficiency in term of force, torque and energy transfer between electrical to mechanical power.
- To provide Statistical Process Control consulting for process improvement. this include service from software development to produce real time SPC charting and violation alert base on customer process control requirement.
- To provide engineering change order and tracking.
- To provide Automation design include process handling and line automation. (combination service between Application software, electronics design and mechanical design.)
- To provide ladder diagram programming for programmable logic controller (PLC) will be part of service. The target is reduce handling time in production by automated the process using machine.

Mechanical Design provides service for :

1) The test fixture design service
Includes Toggle clamp fixture, needle base PCBa fixture, Flexible Flat cable (FFC) and Flexible Printed Circuit (FPC) Test fixture, final assembly fixture, zero flex probing fixture, pneumatic fixture, connector access fixture and mockup fixture.

2) The structure design service
Includes production racking, machine structure, test system structure and chamber.

3) The enclosure design
Include PCBa enclosure, IP rated enclosure, fixture housing, RF shield box, noise shield box and environment shield box.

Technologies we use