Software Development
We expertise in software development will help the clients to build highly cost effective solutions that meet the clients’ business requirements.

Software Development services include :

1) Connectivity to measurement instruments
The measurement instrument include Digital Multimeter (DMM), AC/DC power source (PSU), invertor, analyzer, Electronics Load, function generator, flow meter, load cell, pressure gauge, dynamometer, spectrometer, tachometer, thermometer and hydrometer.

2) Data acquisition system
The common data acquisition system include Analog to Digital Converter (ADC), Digital to Analog converter (DAC), Digi Input and Output (DIO), timer, counter and DIO capture.

3) Mechatronics system
The common mechatronics system include solenoid valve, pneumatic or hydraulic component, AC/DC motor, slider and robotic components.

The common physical interface of connectivity:
- The software development include desktop PC application, server application and service.
- There is possibility to branch this software development service into other field beside test and measurement but related to industrialization.

Technologies we use